Best Games to Play On a Road Trip

November 20th, 2016 by

Best Games to Play On a Road TripRoad trips are inherent to the American experience and just about every person in the country will find themselves on an extended ride in a car at some point in their lives. While seeing all of the natural beauty the country has to offer is wonderful, the ride can become quite dull at times. Here are some of the best games to play on a road trip.

21 Questions

There is one question master who thinks of something in their head. It could be something physical like a cup, or it could be something less tangible like love. The other participants take turns asking the master yes or no questions about what’s in their head. They get 21 questions to figure out exactly what it is.

List the States and Capitals

This is always a great time killer and it’s useful. See if you can list every single state and capital in the country.

List the Presidents

Test your history knowledge by seeing how many presidents of the United States you can remember (bonus if you remember the years).


Now that so many people have internet on their mobile devices, it’s possible to get a nice round of trivia going in the car.

There are endless possibilities for ways to kill time while you’re in the car, but you have to use your imagination.

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