Best Places for Ice Cream in Gainesville

February 17th, 2016 by


By Mackbeth24 at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,


We at Carriage Nissan are blessed to be in the South. Why might you ask? Because we can eat ice cream all year-round! While the Northerners experience snow and cold temperatures, we can enjoy our ice cream and other delicious frozen items. Therefore, we wanted to look into the best places to get frozen treats.

Although the Dairy Queen is great, locals cannot stop raving over two particular places. These would be La Mejor De Michoacan and Bruster’s Fresh Ice Cream.

La Mejor De Michocan serves some of the best ice cream and popsicles around. They have a unique variety of flavors, such as corn ice cream, mango, and coconut. The prices are reasonable and the treats are delicious.  They have two locations, one on Atlanta Hwy, and one on Pearl Nix.

Bruster’s Fresh Ice Cream is another local favorite. It is located on John W. Morrow Jr Parkway, near the Gainesville High School. Bruster’s also has a large variety of flavors and changes them out often. They use fresh ingredients, and customers can even see the ice cream being made.

If you are craving ice cream or other frozen items, be sure to check out La Mejor De Michocan and/or Bruster’s Fresh Ice Cream. Both of these eateries are definitely considered to be the best places for ice cream in Gainesville, Georgia!