How To Reset Your Car’s Service Light

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How To Reset Your Car’s Service Light

A Startling Light

You may be cruising down the highway, zoned-in on your driving, when suddenly you hear a ping and a light shows up on your dashboard. Immediately, panic sets in. Is your car about to break down? Should you pull over? Are your tires still inflated? Unless you’re a mechanic, you’re likely unsure of what that light means. Before you worry too much, the light usually indicates that it is time for your car to be serviced. If you do notice that your car is suddenly making an odd noise, running differently or roughly, or if you notice that the steering is a little off, then you may want to pull over and call for assistance. Most commonly, however, it’s just your car informing you that it’s time it had a check-up. This article will help you reset your car’s service light in the event that you believe maintenance is unnecessary.

The Steps

It should be noted that a Nissan only has one light whereas many other cars have two. The two lights indicate the check engine light and the service the vehicle light. Nissan prefers just the one light which covers both and usually indicates that the car needs to be serviced. To remove that light, follow the steps below.

  1. Initially, you should turn the ignition on but not far enough to actually start the car. After you’ve switched it, count for three seconds, and then push the pedal for gas down to the floor. Within the next five seconds, you have to let up the pedal five times.
  2. Then count for seven seconds. After those seven seconds are up, press the gas pedal back down to the floor for ten seconds or until you notice the light is flashing. Only then should you lift the pedal up. At this point, you’ll see a code. This code is four numbers. Count the flashes in the parameters of zero to 10. You should note that 10 is zero. This is your first number. After that, there will be a pause, and then the flashing will begin again to give you the second number. After the fourth number is given, there will be another pause. If there is more than one problem with the car, then the flashing will begin again to give you the next code. However, if the code continues to flash 10, then that means there aren’t any problems with the car. Once you have your codes written down, you can turn the ignition back to off.
  3. You should take the time to research what the code means, so you can figure out what is wrong with your car. If you are attempting to repair it yourself, then you should do so before resetting the computer.
  4. To reset the light and computer, you repeating steps one and two. Except for this time when the light starts to flash, simply hold the gas pedal down until the flashing stops. Again, you turn the ignition to off. Your computer should be reset and the light should have disappeared.

This can be a confusing process when attempting to reset it manually. To make it easy on yourself, you should bring your car to our dealership for more information about the codes.