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CPO vs Used Cars – Which is Better?

Only the best used cars are good enough to be designated Certified Pre-Owned (CPO). They are distinguished by top condition and low-mileage, and must meet strict standards set forth by the manufacturer. Only the finest late-model vehicles meet CPO standards. Non-CPO cars can be riskier, especially if you shop aa sketchy dealership, but an honest dealer will have good used cars that cost less than CPO models.

2016 Nissan Maxima SR - Used Nissan Maxima

Benefits of CPO

Here are some benefits of CPO vehicles:

  • Quality is guaranteed: Each carmaker has its own CPO program, but all require certified technicians to inspect and recondition vehicles before they can be called CPO. Reconditioning CPO vehicles requires use of factory-approved parts of OEM quality. Only after satisfying a multi-step process can a vehicle be designated CPO. Once certified, CPO vehicles receive the backing of a manufacturer’s warranty on par with those that come with new vehicles. You won’t be buying a lemon when you purchase a CPO vehicle, and most CPO programs give you the right to return a vehicle that doesn’t rise to expectations.
  • Avoid initial depreciation: A CPO program lets you acquire like-new cars at used-vehicle prices. As you might know, a new car experiences an enormous depreciation when first you drive away from the dealer’s lot. It’s wise to purchase a CPO car and avoid this initial depreciation, thereby saving you thousands of dollars while still obtaining new-car quality. Compared to a purchasing a new car, buying CPO means less-expensive insurance, lower price, less sales tax, lower monthly payments and lower down payment. Buying a used car has the same general benefits, except you can’t assume you are getting a like-new vehicle.
  • Cream of the crop: Many CPO cars were leased when new. Lessees have to pay for wear and tear or extra mileage, so typically these cars are well-maintained. Leased vehicles are usually three years old at the end of the contract, which means they are late models.

The biggest benefit of a non-CPO used car is that it can sell for less, since it doesn’t have to meet the high CPO standards. If you are looking to save the most money and aren’t fussy about pristine quality, then a used car might be perfect for your needs. Typically, dealerships only offer CPO vehicles for the brand they represent. Since they take off-brand vehicles in trade, you might find high quality, off-brand used vehicles that approach the quality standards of a CPO car.

It makes good sense to buy used, whether CPO or not, at our Nissan dealership, because we offer high-quality vehicles that suit every budget. Visit our dealership today and find out how good used cars can be.

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