Could Potential Nissan Electric Sport Vehicles Be the First of Their Kind?

September 9th, 2016 by

Nissan Electric Sport Vehicles

Nissan is known for many things, including their commitment to fuel-efficient technology and their production of sports cars at an affordable price. Now, it looks like Nissan will be combining these two features, quite possibly designing an electric sports car.

Specifically, it looks as if the BladeGlider concept model that Nissan revealed earlier this month could be going into production – or the Leaf Nismo RC concept. Or both. Either way, it’s clear that Nissan has some sort of high-speed, electric-vehicle in the works.

An executive from EV Nissan Europe recently announced in an interview that consumers should take the Leaf Nismo RC concept car as a “hint,” making it clear that Nissan is definitely pursuing either that concept or the BladeGlider, both of which have received tons of positive feedback.

Hopefully, Nissan will make an official announcement soon, and if we are really lucky, both concept models will be going into production as Nissan electric sport vehicles in the coming years, providing fuel-efficient options for sports-car-lovers.

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