Gainesville, GA Sees Opening of Electric Car Charging Station

January 11th, 2016 by

Electric Car Charging Stations in Gainesville, GA

The Nissan Leaf has swiftly become one of the biggest competitors in the electric car segment, even winning highest model loyalty back in 2014. However, electric car popularity has mostly been clustered in areas that are friendlier towards the EV class, such as zero emissions states and the west coast. California, for example, comes to mind. But with the introduction of an electric car charging station in downtown Gainesville, Georgia just got a little friendlier towards alternative fuel cars.EV Charging Gainesville, GA


One of the biggest antagonists of the growth of vehicles like the Nissan Leaf has been something called “range anxiety.” Unlike traditional gas engines, electric powertrains typically have nowhere to go to “fill up” besides the owner’s house. This severely limits the distance that electric vehicles can drive, despite industry efforts to bolster the electric range (the Leaf, for example, is now capable of reaching up to 107 miles on a single charge). But with a charging station now open in the Main Street Parking Lot off Jesse Jewell Parkway, EV owners in Gainesville have one less thing to worry about.


Local business owners also hope the electric car charging station will improve foot traffic and, possibly, sales. The general idea is this: EV drivers plug in their vehicles, and while they wait the hour for their vehicle to recharge, kill time by venturing into local shops. In addition to this economic boost, the city says the station will have a minimal impact on the monthly power bills, only requiring an extra $30-$50 out of the budget.