Georgia’s New Budget, New Construction

April 17th, 2015 by


Atlanta road contractors, road builders, government and school suppliers rejoice! Following the closing of the 2015 General Assembly in Atlanta, the new budget made way for construction and equipment purchases amounting to $1.1 billion. This is the largest package deal since Governor Sonny Perdue borrowed to create construction jobs during the 2008 recession.

Current Governor Nathan Deal signed the budget with plans for a new library and human services buildings. Equipment for the new Georgia Film Academy was also included in the budget following a boom in the film industry in Georgia.

The University of Georgia wasn’t left in the dark. The university is getting $43 million for a business facility on campus. Another $17 million is heading towards molecular medicine while $3.3 million will buy equipment for a new science center.

$100 million has been set aside to replace and repair bridges across Georgia. Another $75 million was set aside for transit projects. Outside of Georgia’s new budget, lawmakers approved another $900 million in transportation funding. That funding will take care of road and bridge projects. Expect road construction to pick up drastically compared to last year.

For a full list of what’s included in the 2015 budget, including K-12 changes, click here.