Going To The Desert: Nissan Truckumentary Chapter 9

December 2nd, 2015 by

2016 Nissan Titan XD

In the greatest series ever made about a truck, the Nissan Truckumentary keeps on a’ truckin’ with the recent release of Chapter 9: Making the Grade. This time around, we are led on an adventure involving off-road testing at Montana Mountain in Arizona.

According to Scott Paul, Senior Project Engineer, the dusty mountain in central Arizona is where many Nissan models are tested for their off-road-worthiness. Specifically for the Nissan Titan, engineers are looking at how the 4WD system holds up, as well as the cooling system and the suspension.

The terrain on Montana Mountain is extremely challenging. The Titan takes on extreme hill climbs, washes and hill descents. The video shows the Titan deftly managing uphill trails full of deep ruts from recent rainfall.

Engineers also take the Titan to Kingman, Arizona, where there is a steady and dramatic uphill grade that provides the perfect test. They hook a large trailer up to the test trucks and drive them for hours in the stunning heat just to make sure the cooling systems are performing optimally.

Watching the Nissan Truckumentary Chapter 9, as with all of the other chapters, only bolsters the fact that the all-new Nissan Titan is the strongest and most robust truck on the market.