How to Prepare Your Nissan for Winter

August 29th, 2017 by

It’s very smart to winterize your car, no matter where you live in the U.S. It might only take an hour or two to have your vehicle checked and prepped by our Nissan Service Department, but in return you’ll have extra confidence and peace of mind that will last all winter long. The last thing anybody wants is a vehicle to break down during a harsh winter day.

The time for winterization is now, before the temperatures go and stay below freezing. Remember, being stranded on the highway is not only expensive, but is potentially dangerous as well.

How to Prepare for Winter

Top 9 Things You Can Do To Prepare Your Nissan for Winter Season

Here are the nine most important steps you should attend to when winterizing your car:

  1. Checking the battery, cables and alternator to make sure your battery is maintaining and delivering optimal power. If necessary, you’ll replace your battery with a new one that meets the vehicle’s OEM specifications.
  2. Refresh the cooling system by cleaning, flushing and putting in fresh antifreeze. This is necessary at least every two years, but can be done every year to be on the safe side.
  3. Check your wipers, defrosters and heaters for proper operation. You can install special wiper blades optimized for winter conditions. Usually you should count on replacing your wiper blades twice a year.
  4. Check your tires for balance, tread depth, pressure and wear. You can rotate your tires if they are due, and can sell you special winter tires that provide maximum grip on icy roads. In general, you should check your tire pressure weekly during the winter.
  5. Perform an oil and filter change using winter-weight oil, which is less viscous than regular motor oil. You should also check the fuel, transmission and air filters. You can select synthetic oil for optimum protection.
  6. Tune up your car if you detect hard starts, pings, rough idling or sluggish performance.
  7. Check the brakes and, if necessary, replace the brake pads. Nothing is more important to the safety of your vehicle than its brakes, which must work well to help you control the car on a slick surface.
  8. Check the exhaust system for any problems, such as rust or carbon monoxide leaks, which can be dangerous or fatal during windows-closed winter driving.
  9. Check your lights up front, in the rear and in the interior to make sure they are working and are aligned properly.

This is just a partial list – we can evaluate each car individually to make sure we fix any current or potential problems.

When your car needs service or winterization, please stop by our fully equipped Nissan Service Department. We use only expertly trained and certified master technicians, and provide them with the most advanced diagnostic and repair tools. Best of all, our prices are very competitive and our work is guaranteed. Get the jump on Old Man Winter – stop in today!

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