Buying a new SUV is easy when you have a dealership that has an extensive inventory with a wide range of selections available, and that’s precisely what you will find at Carriage Nissan! We are pleased to announce that our inventory is ever-changing with new models daily. And our professional sales team is excited to help you find the SUV that meets your expectations, even if it is not currently on our lot.

      Benefits of Buying New SUVs

      You already know that a new SUV provides you with the satisfaction of having a vehicle that no one else has ever owned, which allows you to enjoy it without any worries of mechanical issues fully. It’s a fresh start to provide an opportunity for your new SUV to last for a very long time. However, a new SUV can also be a valuable asset for your overall financial portfolio, especially when it’s a Nissan! Although a new vehicle typically has a lien, due to financing, you’re still in a better position financially because of its resale value. And that means your financial portfolio is stronger when determining assets versus liabilities. Also, when you choose to trade the SUV for a newer model, you reap the financial rewards by being able to get a higher return on your investment than you would from a used SUV.

      A new SUV also has more unique features, and you get to select the type that you can benefit from the most, as opposed to the features with a used SUV that someone else chose. It’s always fun and exciting to learn the new features, which adds to the buying experience for weeks and even months afterward. You’ll be happy to know that our sales professionals go over all of the significant features during your new SUV presentation, and they’re always available to answer questions to help you throughout the time of ownership.

      Quality New SUVs

      Every new SUV in our inventory must undergo a complete quality inspection before being available for sale. You may wonder why this is important since the SUV is coming directly from the manufacturer. Well, our post-inspection is a way for us to ensure there aren’t any missed deficiencies, as well as ensuring there haven’t been any deficiencies that have occurred since leaving the assembly line. Carriage Nissan stands behind each new vehicle sold, and it’s our duty, as well as our pleasure, to ensure that our customers are receiving high-quality SUVs. We inspect the engine components, the interior, and the exterior of every new vehicle. That should provide you with the confidence you need to focus more on the SUV that you love, rather than being concerned about its condition. Carriage Nissan has factory-trained technicians who are entrusted with our well-defined quality standards, which provides an abundant inventory of high-quality SUVs for your buying satisfaction!

      Are you interested in taking a test drive? Whether you’re looking for an SUV or any other type of vehicle, give our professional sales team a call, or stop by our showroom. Carriage Nissan is committed to providing superior customer service and ensuring that your buying experience is empowering and completely satisfactory!

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