Nissan BBQ Car Reveals the Important Potential of EVs

March 20th, 2015 by


Small, electric vehicles emit little (or sometimes no) carbon emissions, lowering your personal carbon footprint dramatically, all the while saving you money and making it easier to parallel park in small, city spaces.  But there’s something else they can do: cook a BBQ feast and that’s exactly what Nissan has done with their one-of-a-kind BBQ car developed as a special show model based on the e-NV200 electric van.  They call it, the “Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle.”

The point of this display is to show that the power that fuels the vehicle can be used for other, more important things, like BBQ.  Plus, the BBQ car has some other features that might come in handy at your next American-inspired picnic, such as a Mosquito Barrier System, Refreshing Mist Shower and Flying Selfie Camera.

I guess if you’re going to do it, you do it right.  Tragically, only one unit of the Nissan BBQ Car exists, and it’s for display purposes only.

Still, could this be a window into the future?  We here at Carriage Nissan has our fingers crossed.