Nissan Eco Mode: How It Works

Nissan Eco Mode

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Nissan Eco Mode: How It Works

Selecting Nissan Eco Mode helps you get better fuel efficiency from your Nissan vehicle.
The computer in your Nissan vehicle constantly controls engine and CVT response, setting it appropriately for the driving situation. With Eco Mode off, you get sporty performance from your Nissan, but you can prioritize fuel efficiency by turning Eco Mode on.

It works like this: When driving a conventional vehicle, fuel consumption jumps when you step on the accelerator. Nissan Eco Mode resets engine and CVT response to use less gasoline during acceleration and regular operation. It does this by moderating sudden acceleration, directly reducing fuel consumption. Usually, sudden acceleration from a standstill is done unconsciously by the driver. Eco Mode reduces acceleration from sudden to gentle while curbing excessive fuel injection. In this way Nissan Eco Mode cuts fuel waste by moderating response to pressing the gas pedal.

Eco Mode is smart enough to allow sudden acceleration when required, such as in emergencies. The vehicle computer assesses the gas pedal usage and allows prompt acceleration as needed.

Eco Mode is but one example of Nissan car technology that makes our vehicles safer, more efficient and easier to drive. Stop by our Nissan dealership today and check out our huge inventory of exciting vehicles!