Nissan Goes Green with Car Foam Wash Technique

July 27th, 2017 by

There are many things about Nissan that we at Carriage Nissan admire. For us, it’s not just about offering vehicles that are well-built, versatile, and intelligent. It’s also about supporting a company dedicated to making the world a better place. Nissan has made it one of the company’s biggest goals to develop sustainable mobility. That process does mean putting a lot of attention toward creating vehicles that can rely on renewable energy. However, Nissan also accomplishes this goal in other ways, like with the innovative foam wash car wash technique.

The technique has been implemented at the Nissan service centers in India over the last three years. Generally, each Nissan vehicle gets a car wash after it has been sold or after it has been serviced at a Nissan service center. This is part of a routine that’s meant to give customers the best possible treatment. However, a normal car wash uses around 160 liters of water per car. With the car foam wash, Nissan has been able to nearly cut that number in half, requiring only 90 liters of water per vehicle. Over the last three years, this technique has allowed Nissan to save 6.1 million liters of water.

Nissan goes green

We can’t wait to see how Nissan goes green next. But in the meantime, perhaps this earth-friendly technique can serve as an example to other manufacturers so we can all work together to make the world healthier and happier.

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