Nissan Partners with Uber to Connect Uber Drivers with New Cars

March 12th, 2016 by


Nissan Uber


Uber is partnering with several automakers, including Nissan, to connect Uber drivers with reliable vehicles through special 36-month leases with comprehensive maintenance, unlimited mileage, and automatic payments deducted from your weekly Uber earnings.

Unlimited mileage is an especially important part of this leasing agreement, as Uber drivers obviously do a whole lot of driving and lease agreements usually have mileage restrictions. Good maintenance coverage is also important, as drivers who make their living with their car have to have that kind of security. This maintenance includes regular oil changes and cabin air filter replacements.

Signing up through Uber to lease a new Nissan is easy. All you have to do is sign up for Uber, get your application approved, and then apply for financing. Uber will connect you to local dealerships so you have a reliable source for where to go, and as soon as you get your new car you can start working!

Partnerships like this are game-changing. Low payments make it easy for low-income people to maintain their leases, and special lease rules let these drivers have more peace of mind.

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