Five Useful Summer Car Tips

July 7th, 2017 by

Five Useful Summer Car Tips

Even with the windows down and your favorite summer playlist on the radio, traveling in any vehicle from Carriage Nissan can present its own summer-specific challenges. Use these summer car tips to make the most of your hot-weather journeys.


Get a Cool Wheel

Don’t you hate it when your steering wheel is almost too hot to touch? Avoid that pain by rotating your wheel 180 degrees when you park, so when you get back in the car, you’ll be grabbing the part that was shaded from the sun.


Keep a Cool Engine

If you think you’re hot outside, think about how hot your engine must be working in the summer heat. Be sure your engine stays cool by checking the coolant levels or having the service department at Carriage Nissan do this for you.


Feel Free to Be Shady

Invest in a sun shade or walk the extra block or two in order to park your car in the shade. Not only does the sun make your car hot, but over time it can also damage the interior of your vehicle.


Cool Yourself

Everyone knows that sweltering sensation of entering a car that’s been sitting in the summer sun. Find relief more quickly by blasting the AC with the windows down until you blow out all of that hot air. Then, roll up the windows for a cool ride.