Talk About All-American – Three Millionth Nissan Unit made in Mississippi

October 5th, 2015 by


Nissan Murano


Ford and Chevy usually get all the credit for being the most American automakers, but Nissan just hit a huge, red-white-and-blue milestone in mid-September.

The Nissan plant in Canton, Mississippi is celebrating its 12th year of operations and, even more impressively, the production of its three millionth Nissan unit. This momentous vehicle is a 2015 Nissan Murano, which Nissan promptly donated to the city of Canton in a kind display of community appreciation and partnership.

Since the plant opened in 2003, approximately $2.9 billion has been invested in the steadily growing plant by Nissan. The Canton plant manufactures a laundry list of models, including the Armada, the Altima, the NV Passenger Van, the Frontier King Cab and more.

Nissan’s philanthropic instincts don’t end with the donated 2015 Murano. Over the years, the Nissan Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant has given more than $11 million to charities around Canton, averaging about $350,000 annually.

The manufacture of the three millionth Nissan unit boldly states to the country Nissan’s strong investments to the U.S. and its communities.


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