The Best Haunted Happenings in Atlanta this October

October 19th, 2015 by

Atlanta is an old, American city full of deep – and sometimes dark – history. And, just like in the movies, sometimes that history comes out to play in the present day, usually at night and usually when you’re home alone. Atlanta is a great place to be if you want to learn about something spooky this Halloween, and here’s a few of our favorite haunted spots to see across the city.


ghost tour

Decatur Ghost Tour

Just on the outskirts of Atlanta sits the suburb of Decatur, and it has a rich, paranormal past that you can learn all about by taking the Decatur Ghost Tour. This one-mile walking tour takes you to all the spookiest spots in the city, and an experienced guide will tell you descriptive tales of murder, tragedy, and life after death in Decatur.

Ghosts of Atlanta Walking Tour

Another walking tour, but this one takes you through the heart of downtown Atlanta. Let a local historian tell you all the creepy lore of the city and learn something new – and feel something chilling!

Ghosts of Marietta

Get off your feet and relax from all those walking tours (but still get your heart racing with fear) by heading over to Marietta and taking a trolley tour from Historic Marietta Trolley Company. Run by Ghosts of Marietta, this is one of the best, most historical tours in the Atlanta area. Learn something scary this year at Ghosts of Marietta!


There are more haunted happenings in Atlanta taking place every day, but it’s probably safer to let one of these tours tell you all about them than to hang out in a cemetery until witching hour. Have some (safe) fun in Atlanta this October; take a tour!