The Public Cloud and Nissan Leaf Connectivity

April 6th, 2016 by




Nissan is putting much focus on the Nissan Leaf Connectivity in the coming years. Nissan is counting on cloud computing with the Nissan Leaf. As one of the company’s most sought-after vehicles, the Nissan Leaf needs to be fluent with the current technology.

Nissan’s CIO, Guiotoko, believes that the cloud has already proven to be valuable by providing improved security, offering more flexibility, creating additional capacity, and allowing more innovations.

This fully electric vehicle is designed to be a technology connected vehicle. Microsoft Azure is currently the public cloud platform of choice. There are advantages to having the Leaf be connected, as several of its components can be triggered remotely, such as the air conditioning or heat.

Guiotoko states that Nissan is expecting to see a continual increase in the popularity of electric vehicles. That being a core belief, Nissan has put the whole backend platform of the Leaf in the cloud. This allows the company to have “the flexibility to provision more capacity when needed.” Being able to change things quickly will also allow Nissan to implement new technologies without a long delay.

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