Tips For A Cross-Country Road Trip

December 16th, 2015 by


Finally thinking about taking that epic trip across these beautiful lands? You could wing it. It might work out. Or you could plan, at least a little bit. This way you can prevent catastrophe. Just follow these simple tips for a cross-country road trip.

# 1 – Decide what’s important to you. Are there a handful of cities you’d like to immerse yourself in? In that case, maybe you don’t care so much about taking the interstate. On the other hand, if your object is the scenery, you will want to consider avoiding interstates.

# 2 – Buy a paper map and trace your route. Not only will this help you keep from getting lost, it’s make a lovely souvenir when you are done. Use a different color to trace all of the excursions you make.

# 3 – Make reservations as soon as you possibly can. Obviously this is more important for extremely popular destinations, like Yellowstone National Park for instance.

# 4 – Decide who will be joining you. Naturally, you will want to include any travel mates as you make your plans. Decide how you will share expenses and driving duties.

# 5 – Make sure your vehicle is great working order! Inspect the tires. Top off all the fluids (being sure to bring some oil and windshield wiper fluid with you). Take it to a professional for an inspection if you really want to be confident.

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