What Does Your Car Color Say About You?

July 8th, 2015 by


Nissan Versa Note


Especially in spring and summer, car buyers are looking for new cars that come in a lot of bright colors. Some might find them garish, others fun and playful. We all make assumptions about what certain car colors imply about a driver—so what does your car color say about you?

Black cars, for example, make the driver seem impressive and powerful. You probably expect a well-dressed businessperson to step out of a shiny black car. White cars, on the other hand, are chosen by cleanly, high-maintenance drivers who like a fastidious appearance and don’t mind lots of washing. Silver is one of the most common car colors around, so silver car drivers are probably happy not to stand out but still are about being on trend.

Colored cars are a bit more diverse in the personalities they represent. Red is a volatile car color considered the go-to for sports cars. Blue and green cars project a sense of stability and serenity. Orange and yellow cars are for bright, artistic, cheerful types.

Does your car color match your personality? Let us at Carriage Nissan know!

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