Which Nissan Driving Mode is the Best?

Nissan Maxima

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Many Nissan vehicles are equipped with the Xtronic CVT that offers Eco, Normal and Sport driving modes. Perhaps you haven’t paid much attention to your Nissan’s drive modes and simply leave it in Normal all the time. That would be a shame, because Nissan driving modes are a valuable feature that increases the vehicle’s efficiency and fun.

Conventional cars typically had just one drive mode. Driving off was simple – just turn the key and off you go. But with a suitably equipped Nissan, you can change the vehicle’s performance and responsiveness at the touch of a button. Normal mode is, well, normal – its provides a good balance of efficiency and performance in a wide range of driving situations. You’ll get average fuel efficiency and well-paced performance in Normal mode. However, if you’d like to get the most economical performance, you can choose Eco mode. You’ll get better fuel economy at the expense of slower acceleration. Eco mode is a good choice for long trips, especially if you switch on cruise control. Stop and go traffic is probably better suited for Normal mode.

On the other hand, you can select Sport mode when you want top performance, even if you sacrifice some fuel economy. You’ll experience increased power so that you can hold a higher RPM before upshifting. That’s the hallmark of a fun-to-drive vehicle. Sport mode is best when you are driving at least 20 mph and can avoid stop-and-go traffic.

So, which one is best? The answer is: It’s a three-way tie! Choose the one you want for your current driving conditions and enjoy your Nissan vehicle to the hilt!