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Why Buy a Truck Gainesville, GA


Why buy a truck? Pickup trucks aren’t just for show – they’re capable, stylish, and practical. Small and large, they are sure to get the job done! Carriage Nissan in Gainesville, GA is proud to say that Nissan carries two of the most popular trucks on the road: the Nissan Frontier and the Nissan Titan XD! Both have their differences and can serve different purposes, but that’s exactly what we love about them! Here are some reasons why you should consider buying a truck:


Pretty much anything you want to use a truck for, you can. You can load the truck bed with lumber, furniture, or take the family to a drive-in-movie. SUV’s don’t quite have that ability.

You can tow anything

Well, pretty much. With the Nissan TITAN XD’s jaw-dropping towing capabilities, you can tow a boat, a snowmobile, and ultimately much more than an SUV could.

Modern trucks = smooth ride

Forget the days of bumpy pickup trucks. Trucks now ride as smoothly as their SUV and sedan counterparts and with the same interior amenities.

Safety first

Sitting high allows you to see better, and trucks like the Nissan Frontier have a host of standard safety measure that help you control your trailer and your own traction on the road.

Gas mileage has improved

A lot of people view pickup trucks as “gas-guzzling” but that’s not so true anymore. With mileage improving on pickups, you might even be spending less gas than you would with an SUV.


Bonus Reason: Let’s admit it, they’re fun!


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